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I’ve been so busy with work and my Zigzag Craft project lately and the warm weather makes me wanna spend every bit of my free time outside which eventually leads to feasting 🙂 .

This week I wanna talk about my dearest friend İnci’s wine tasting last Saturday. İnci is a chef/wine educator/cat & dog owner/good friend /wife/drinking companion/roomie/hedonist. She recently quit her job to make her dream come true and started her own company Atölye Winci, where she does food and wine consulting aside from her lovely wine tastings.

Last Saturday at 4:00 pm we gathered on the roof of The La Maison Hotel which has a spectacular view of the Bosphorus. This wine tasting was about 5 different wine tasting and their pairings with 4 different kinds of cheese.


The wine pack;


and the cheese pack;


To sum it up in short terms: YUM!!! 🙂

Not to sum up in short terms, here are some of the things I learned during the wine tastings;

1. When you are one on one with a wine; white, rosé or red, the first thing you have to do is examine the color of the wine on a white back ground. It tells you about the grape, the age of the white wine, the clarity (filtration).

2. Move the wine around your glass gently to see the jambes and the larmes to form. This tells you about the alcohol in the wine. The more you see the more alcohol it contains.


3. Smell the wine. Think about the scents. What does it smell like….

4. Circle the wine glass and then smell it again to see what a great difference oxygen makes. The second time you take a whiff is the time you smell the other hidden scents in the wine.

5. Finally taste the wine. Chew it in your mouth as if you are eating grapes. Let it coat your mouth and your tongue. Take some air in your mouth almost like back whistling, holding the wine in your mouth. Swallow. Think about the after taste. Tannins, minerals, acidity. Does the after taste continue in your mouth or does it vanish after a short while?

6. Grapes imitate its surroundings. Even though, let’s say you planted Cabernet in a certain area, it will definitely taste different from a Cabernet planted in somewhere else. The love affair of grapes and terroir gives birth to a wine that has a bouquet of surroundings which are encrypted to it. The wine gently blows those encryption to your tonuge and nose, spilling where it has been, how it has been treated, how the seasons went, what friends it has made during its journey. It’s truly magical!

7. The reason that we prefer rosé and white during warmer weathers is the acidity. The acidity refreshes us in a hot summer day!

8. The key to pair cheese with wine is to go parallel with the flavours, the acidity and the amount of the minerals. The cheese should dance with the wine forming a great compilation in the mouth. A well-known example is Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheese. I can spend the rest of my summer days with this pairing.






If you are in Istanbul or visiting Istanbul, come and join İnci’s wine tasting to sit over stunning Bosphorus and listen to the great journeys of different wines. It is totally a priceless experience.

Thank you İnci for such a great day and cheers to the many more to come.


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